Welcome to Webmaster's ADULT LEARNER website. Preparing this site was supposed to be simple. It is simply intended to house various discussions ("CLASSES") of things that Webmaster has learned (he is an Adult Learner) and to which he refers in one or more of his other websites. But are a bit too long to be included in the subject being discussed in that other website. But might be of interest to someone who is visiting that other website. And who might not already have learned (given that they are also an adult learner) as much as - or more than - what Webmaster has learned. About the given subject to which he referred.

So the plan was to create a website with a nice graphic under the title and buttons (at the top and bottom) and then explain that Webmaster intended to explain (BACKGROUND) a little bit about what adult learners are - and are not. And then explain (CLASSES) in some detail what Webmaster had learned (as an adult learner) about the given topic - to which he referred in the other website. And then give some examples of how the material presented in a given 'class' might be useful (USES). And provide a bit more information (MORE) that might also be useful - to the other adult learner, who might not have already considered those possible use(s) and some other things.

But things went south at the very beginning because Webmaster could not - at the beginning - find a suitable graphic. He found a nice one (upper left) indicating that adults learn by reading; but that is not the only way they learn. And he found one (middle left) indicating that they learn in small groups, sometimes using computers); but that also is not the only way they learn (the adult learners). Then he found a third graphic (middle right) indicating that they learn from other adult learners; but that also is not the only way they learn. Finally, Webmaster realized that, since he was the adult learner whose learnings would be discussed on this website, it would be logical to simply show a picture of him - and refer back to the material on one of his other websites (I Am Webmaster) that explains - in a general sense - how he learned what he was discussing on this website.

Now that may not be terribly helpful to you (the other adult learner). But it helped Webmaster solve a problem, which is what motivates most adult learners, sensu stricto, to learn what they are learning. Which you will learn (if you have not already learned it) if you look at the BACKGROUND section.

And Webmaster has learned, in solving this particular problem (finding a nice graphic), that one should not write website code at 3 AM while waiting, in the lobby of a hospital maternity facility, for his daughter-in-law to deliver his first grandchild!

To those who find the tone of this WELCOME page a bit too - frivolous - Webmaster apologizes and promises that the rest of the material on this website will be more serious in tone.


Please mail any comments regarding these pages to Webmaster.